The colorful gal behind the lens.

Hey y'all! I'm Michelle the singin', dancin', craftin' sweet tea drinking' RAINBOW loving girl behind this happy brand.

I'm just a single mama of four with a dream. To be able to tell inspiring colorful stories, and also provide for these beautiful babies of mine. I want to be present in their daily lives, and show them that you can do anything you put your mind to no matter how challenging.

We truly live our life in color, and my passion in life is showing you the vibrancy of your own lives through my art. Around here you aren't just my clients, you are my friends who inevitably become my family.

I find so much joy in being able to be part of your stories from the beginning when babies are born, all the way to when your last baby heads off for college. I cherish your presence and I'm so grateful you trust me to preserve your memories.